Diabetes Testing & Treatment

Diabetes Type II is a major problem afflicting the people of Dominican Republic and Haiti. There is a real need for testing, education and treatment to prevent compounding health problems.  We are looking for volunteers for our 2nd week beginning November 9-16, 2019. No medical experience required. Go to Get Involved Page to receive more information.


Dental Exams & Education

Many people of Dominican Republic & Haiti need medical and dental care. Poor dental hygiene can lead to other health issues. Through care and education we strive to improve the people's quality of life.  Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering. 


Special Projects & Education

Upon request. If a community has a special need or a project has been requested we try to accommodate.

Looking for volunteers to help finish building a Community Shelter. 

Volunteers needed November 6-13th or 9-16, 2019 

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering through our Get Involved Page.

Here is what our Patients have said:

I appreciate you a lot, I feel much better now because of the medicine and know more.” Her sugars went from 500+ to less than 200. ~ Regina, age 69

I thank God for what you did for me, being at the Barrio Blanco Clinic I feel very well and I feel very well everyday. The work that you are doing is distinguished, and thank you to the doctors.” ~ Eugenio, age 70

 “I want to say many thanks for your good work because you are here I came very sick but with the medicines that I needed and got I feel much better. Thank you please continue.” ~ Rogue, age 65

Thank you because I feel much better because I have the right pills now, before my numbers were 200-300-400 and it has helped me a lot, many thanks." ~ Ana Rosa, age 44

Many thanks, I was very, very, sick when I came to the clinic, I felt bad, when I met with the doctor he gave me medicine and education now I feel better.” ~ Isabel, age 73

When I got here I was very sick, I was trying to get my sugars lower but I couldn’t and now the doctor has given me the medicine and my sugar was high and now its lower and it hasn’t been high." ~ Felicia, age 60